Monday, June 9, 2008

Success at School

With school out for only a few days, the kids were bored and ready for school again!

Charlie's kindergarten class had a graduation ceremony, which was as cute as could be. He is thrilled that he has graduated to 1st grade.

In a special ceremony, Annie received a trophy for being on the honor roll all year.

Marquel received a certificate for completing her tests. . .

And Chip just enjoyed the party!

Each 9 weeks, the school gives out ribbons and certificates for perfect attendance. The kids are so thrilled to be able to walk across the stage and get their ribbon.

We are so proud of the kids for their accomplishments. They have a new understanding for how important school is. It is reinforced to them each time one of you congratulate them on their achievements.

The girls are attending a 3 week summer program at their school that is Sponsored by Communities in Schools. They will watch the movie The Wizard of Oz, read the book, and learn life lessons from the movie. Of course they are most excited about the field trips, which include the Wax Museum, IMAX Theatre, and Sea World. This will give Charlie some much needed time with Dad.

June 29 - July 4th the girls will be going to Lutheran Camp Chrysalis, and they are really looking forward to that.
Randy's sister will be coming to visit for a week in June and Charlie and Chip will spend that time at our house. Charlie's request was for Miss Debbie to play lots of games with him.

Mr. Thornton, the teachers, counselors, tutors and all of you who have given the kids little words of encouragement along with your prayers, deserve a pat on the back and a huge THANK YOU from us and the kids.

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