Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last weekend we had "church" at home with the kids.  Since they had been learning about the Beatitudes at Sunday School, we continued on that theme.

As we read and discussed, I realized how timely the subject matter was.  We are dealing with kids who have "issues" on top of  "issues" on top of trauma after trauma.  For Annie and Marquel it is the pre-teen and teen "issues" on top of the already big pile of stuff they have to deal with.

We are taking advantage of spring break to help Annie with her math, but it is a struggle.  When she gets tired or frustrated the big old pout comes out and it is hard to refocus on learning.  Then it becomes frustrating for us as we try to help.  Sometimes we try to tease her out of her "attitude" by calling her Tudy.

Later in the day Chip came to me in the office and said with a twinkle in his eye and a hopeful look on his face, "Can Annie play now - she has a Happy - Tude".

Hope you have a Happy-tude day!

Until next time . . .