Monday, July 7, 2008

Good Reads

This morning I awoke to the news of yet another FEMA fiasco, warehouses in Mississippi filled with household items that were sent to the Gulf Coast to be distributed to hurricane victims, but never got to them.

I recently ran across a couple of blogs that I thought were worth reading. This first one is a little lengthy, but believe me, you will not stop reading! I think I saw this guy on the news in the days following Hurricane Katrina, sitting on a balcony with his dog and his guitar.

Click here to read Michael's first hand account

Another blog post caught my attention because it is written by a visitor to New Orleans and I appreciated his open mind and empathy. Look at the date on this post: July 6, 2008. Click here to read

Nearly 3 years later, and it is still necessary to take a van tour of the devestated areas. I am sure it looks much like it did when we were there to pick up Chip and Charlie in May, 2006. The bus driver is one of a thousand stories just like his. His home, his life and his livelihood were washed away. The government programs are difficult if not impossible to maneuver (we think this is done on purpose!) and yet they go on with so much faith and determination.

How thankful we are to each and every one of you for your love, care and concern. We are so fortunate to have your support behind us and the Thornton family. We may not be able to go help rebuild a house in New Orleans, but we have a family right here who needs a home so that they can stay together. We appreciate the dedication of so many who understand that this is an on-going need. It seems we are always saying "thank you" to someone for what they have done, but I can't say it enough!



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