Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to School - Already!

August means back to school - already!  The summer has been busy.  The girls have enjoyed the Boys & Girls Club, making new friends and keeping active.  Charlie has been attending some local day camps and football conditioning camp started in June.  We appreciate all the coaches who get out there and help the boys stay fit and ready to play. After a mild start to our summer, the heat has finally arrived, and we spend lots of time at the pool. Last week Chip turned 7.  His birthday is marks the years since we met Turk and the kids.  Can't believe it has been a 7 year journey already.

The start of another school year means backpacks, school supplies and uniforms and shoes.  While uniforms make for hassle free mornings deciding what to wear, it also means a big expenditure for growing kids. We have searched out the charities and thrift stores in the past and those options have not been very fruitful.  It is important the kids can start their school year with all the supplies, good shoes and well fitting uniforms so that they can feel good about themselves.

Marquel will start high school this year.  She is a little nervous about going to a large school after being in a small and familiar environment the last 6 years.  Annie will be in 7th grade at King Academy (elementary and middle school combined).  She is looking forward to being involved in sports.  Chip will be going into 2nd grade.  Because Charlie lives with us and goes to school in Bulverde, he doesn't have to wear uniforms.

Each year I cringe a little when I have to ask for help for these kids.  But I always think back on little Marquel who started 3rd grade her first year in San Antonio.  She had no recollection of attending school in New Orleans.  We spent much of 3rd grade going over 1st and 2nd grade work in order for her to be able to do the 3rd grade assignments.  It was her determination and tenacity that pulled her through, and she has been on the AB Honor Roll each year since.

Marquel, Annie and Chip will need at least 3 pairs of pants and shirts each.  If you would like to help, here are several options:

1.  Tax Deductible cash donations can be made to St. John Lutheran Church (please indicate "Thornton Family Fund" on the check).  This fund is used 100% for family needs.

2.  Gift cards to Walmart, HEB, or Visa Gift cards are very welcome.  Please contact me for address to send them to.

3.  Cash donations can be sent to me through Paypal.  Again, contact me for instructions.

Because of your generosity each year, there are 4 kids who have had the opportunity to not only go to school, but to thrive.

Until next time. . .