Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas from Our Kids

This year has gone so quickly. This is their 4th Christmas in Texas, can you believe that?! We will be leaving Friday for Nebraska to spend the holidays with family. The kids are looking forward to spending time with their new family and hopefully there will be some snow to play in.

Last year for Christmas they got a number of ornaments as gifts. We bought a tree on sale so that they could have their own tree in their room. They had so much fun making paper gingerbread men and snowflake ornaments to add to their tree.

Each one took turns putting their ornaments on the tree. Chip was so excited. With each ornament he would say "Miss Stephanie, Miss Stephanie, Miss Stephanie, look, look where I put it," and he would giggle and laugh and jump up and down.
When the tree was decorated we sat on the steps to their room to admire it. Randy asked Chip what he thought and he responded in a soft voice, "Wonderful!"

Each night they are at our house we have to leave the tree lit until everyone has gone to sleep.

It has been a good year for the kids.

Marquel is getting tall and is doing very well in school.

Annie is our "drama queen", singing and dancing and keeping us laughing.

Charlie is again the smartest kid in his class and his new medicine seems to be working better, keeping him calmer but alert.

Chip has a really cute sense of humor, is quite smart and growing fast.

Mr. Thornton is doing well. The kids are a challenge for him, but they keep him going. Life is settling into more of a routine for them and the kids are thriving under his love and care.

None of this could be accomplished without all of you!

We all wish you a very Merry Christmas!


Stephanie and Randy, Turk and "our kids"